Friday, 11 April 2014

Trip to the libary

Trip to the Panmure library

Today we walked to the Panmure Library.  Inside the library we got separated into 2 groups. The group that I was in learned how to use a Rako and the other group learned how to use a Patu. The story that the lady told us was really fascinating and funny when Jasmine was  The princess of the patu group was trying to get Jasmine back but the Rako group was doing a combined because they were trying to let the princess tell be in our Raryko group but the putu group tell have the princess and djae was the king the lady was telling room 5 a story but the lady was saying to Jasmine and djae to marry  but it was a jokes Raro & patu was         laughing when we did that the lady told room 5 to go on to the table because they have room 5 some soft thing but i don’t know what do it code and they told us the moanes nikes and putted on the soft thing like the modes and the end.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

colour poems

Blue is the smell of blue colour paint.
Blue is the taste of ice-cream in your tummy.
Blue is the sound of kids playing outside.

Blue is the feel of my heart beating.