Friday, 14 July 2017

Day 1 - Activity 1 Winter hoilday programe

1. Moari has a greeting that is called Hongi. Hongi is when you press you nose together

2. Aj hackett invent the bungy jump.

3. Rugby is national sport in NZ because All blacks represent our country.

For this activity I had to find three inserting facts to post on my blog. I learnt the first and second. Now I know the new word Hongi.


  1. Hi Javeylor. Great first blogpost, on the Winter Learning Journey. That facts you have wrote are interesting. Looking forward to seeing more of your Winter Learning Journey posts.

  2. Hello Javeylor, it is great to see that you are participating in the Winter Learning Journey. You have found some really interesting facts about New Zealand. Keep up the great work.