Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Describing the scene

Long ago, there was a school next to a farm, there were boys and girls jogging and talking. One of the boys looked worried while the rest of the class were running. Two girls chattered while the rest of the class went running by. The children were sprinting away through the long grasses, trying to hide in the trees.

This is my beginning of my narrative.
I had to describe the picture by using the clues that were given to us by the image.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Story scavenger hunt

This is my reading task that i have done with my group.This was fun because you can read your book and find the Item & Answer.

How to follow the rules at school

This a can do task.this is about how to follow the rules at school by using right things. I find this image on kiwi kids news . This is the link to kiwikidsnews

Friday, 11 March 2016

Kayak trip

Kayak trip 

As the wonderful kayak arrived, some people helped to take the kayak off the top of the car.The kayak was ready for people to get in.Two people were in the kayak.They were all ready to go kayaking through the lake. When they were kayaking the kayak flipped over and the people got wet.They tried and tried to flip it back over but they couldn't get it back over so they swam under the kayak and hoped that it would flip over, after they flipped it over they got on the kayak and started paddling to where they started. As soon as they got back they began to pack up everything so that they couldn't get home quicker.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pumpkin story

Pumpkin story

One day, William and his dad went and planted the pumpkin seeds in their garden.  They got a garden fork, and they dug a hole for the pumpkins seeds.  William and his dad wanted the pumpkin to grow fast so that they can eat it for their dinner.

William was waiting and waiting for the pumpkin to grow, he was so hungry and he couldn't wait.  The pumpkin wasn't ready so he looked at it.  He said “Dad, when will the pumpkin be ready because my stomach is starting to rumble”.  They went inside and waiting for a month.

William and his father went to their backyard to check if the pumpkin was ready to make the pumpkin soup, but the pumpkin wasn't ready.  So William has to eat something else and waited for some more time.

After 3 months, the pumpkin was ready and William was so excited.  William and his dad made pumpkin soup for their dinner, dad finished making the pumpkin soup, and then they went and sat together and ate the pumpkin soup that William and his father made for their dinner.  

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Character Analysis

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

LI:To write a stretched sentence.

LI:To write a stretched sentence.

Who : The girl.

What :The girl jumped Into the pool as the sun

When :As the sun rose the girl was very happy to jump into the pool early in the morning.
Where:As the sun rose the girl was very happy to jump into the pool early in the morning at home.

How:As the sun rose up the girl was very happy to jump into the pool early in the morning at home fast.