Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Challenge 3: Pull them together.

Challenge 3: Pull them together.

WALT made observations about effort and load.


  1. Two people will hold a stick each vertically. Try to pull them together with one hand on each stick.
    1. What simple machine could you use to help? A pulley
  2. Use the simple machine to pull the people together.
    1. How did you set up the simple machine? Make loops around the sticks
  3. Change the system around and try again.
    1. What do you notice? What do you need to do to make it easier?
    2. Which set up was easier? The one with more loops
    3. Which set up was harder? The one with only one loop

  1. Conclusion: What is the trade-off? (What do you need to do to move a heavy object with little effort?) Put more than two loops.

Use this table to record your observations.

Changes in the simple machine.
Difficulty to move the sticks (easy/medium/hard).
Difficulty to hold the sticks apart (easy/medium/hard).
Make 5 loops
Make only one loop
Have no rope
Really hard

  • Make an A4 poster / infographic about this challenge’s simple machine. Information it must have is:
    • what the machine is used for
    • how to make work easier
    • what the trade off is

A4 dimensions:
29.7 cm x 21 cm


Character profile

Screenshot 2015-11-24 at 12.20.24 PM.png

Friday, 13 November 2015

blog comment Films 2015

                 This is all the comment that i have commenting on. all the school had done a great job
about their films video

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Research Tag

Research Tag

Choose a country and write a question about it.  For example what foods do they eat in Romania?

Big idea:history

Now go and find a book that you think could answer the question and fill out this information.

Book title:Afghanistan

Author/s:Gillia Olson


Date of publication:2005

Keywords found: page number 4 & 5

Page #’s:1

Key pictures found: page number 4 & 5

Page #’s:5

Line shots

Screenshot 2015-10-29 at 9.53.19 AM.png

This is my active we have done with room 9. I have learnt my a line shot
i try my best to missed 0 point but i have missed 1.
i have try this game a lots and been practicing this game .
i have percent 90%

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Matching Parts of a Book

Matching Parts of a Book

L.I. Know the different parts of non-fiction books

Each part of a book has a special name which you need to be a familiar with.
1. For each description below find the matching term in the box.
2. Write in the correct term in the space provided.

Index =Alphabetical list of all the topics in a book with the page number where the information can be found.

End papers= The first and last pages of a book.

Illustrator = The person who prepared or drew the pictures.

Introduction = Information about the book found at the beginning of a book.

Dedication = Words about a special person found at the front of a book.

Author = The person who wrote the book.

Glossary =  List of special words used in the book with their correct meanings.

Spine = The flat narrow outside strip of the book.

publisher = The company who made the book.

Cover = The outside of the book.

Spine label = The label which identifies the book on the shelf.

Bibliography = A list of more books on the same subject.

Contents = A list of the titles of the chapters.

Friday, 16 October 2015

blog comment

Blogger Javeylor said...
Hi Aiden
I like how you created your fruit poster and sketching shape size balance painting with the lines.I think that you have a great fruit poster.I like your amazing art work you have done.I like how you try your best by doing your hard work painting your fruit.You have done a great work.

keep it up

By Javeylor
Hi Irys
I like how your results had 53 smile faces. I think that you have been practising your xtramath. I like your xtramath post.I like how you write interesting words about you trying your best to reach up to 100 smile face. I improve your post and your writhing is good.

keep your work up

By Javeylor

This is the blog comment i have done .

Simple Machines Facts Sheet

Image result for wheels Simple Machines
Image result for wheels and axles real  simple machines
Image result for pulleys simple machines
old wooden pulley
Image result for levers simple machines
Image result for wedge simple machines
iron wedge
Inclined Planes
Image result for Inclined Planes simple machines
loading ramps
Image result for Screws simple machines
Image result for Screws  simple machines

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rainforest Use compass point

This is my work that i did today.We have to do a compass point and know what the distance is. I had to follow the instructions as I go. I found different distances and different places near the star. 

Choosing the right book

Which of the books would you use to find out:

1. How many people live in NZ?
  • Yearbook of Population
2. Which special stamps were issued in New Zealand in 1992?
  • Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue
3. How to look after a puppy?
  • Caring for pets
4. Where the custom of Easter Eggs came from?
  • Dictionary of Customs and Fables
5. The date of the Wahine disaster?
  • Everyman’s Dictionary of Dates
6. Which records were broken at the last Olympic Games?
  • Guinness Book of Records
7. The size of Noah’s Ark?
  • The Bible
8. The speed of the first aircraft to fly under power?
  • A History of Flight
9. The story of how the first under four-minute mile was run?
  • Encyclopedia of Athletics
10.  How the Greeks used a wooden horse to enter the city of Troy?
  • Myths and Legends

Friday, 25 September 2015

Heart Foundation

To the Heart Foundation
Thank you for giving us the gift card to our school teacher to shop at pak 'n' save. And also letting us coming to pak 'n' Save we really enjoyed coming to Pak 'n save to learn about Energy (kg) , Fat Total (g) , sugar ( g) , Dietary Fibre (g) , Sodium (mg) and room 9 was leaning about color fruit and vegetables . i was good at making wrap in room 5. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My tessellations

 My tessellations 

This is my  tessellations with difference shapes

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to Reference a book in APA Format

Authors name:Louise 
Authors last name:Richard
title:Plant Products
year publish:2002
place publish:London
publisher:Jordan Hill

Richard,Louise. (2002) Plant products. Jordan Hill: London

face painter

Locating faces

Today we did this activity on digistore  The activity we had to do is locating faces.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Strategy using digistore

I used the Part Adder to solve a two digit number. 48 + 49

I got the answer 97. So I got the answer by doing this strategy  48 + 49 = 37 + 11 + 49 = 97

I worked it out by doing this 2 digit strategy 48 + 49 = 37 +11 + 49 = 97 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to reference a book

The life circle of the kiwi:

The author surname is Brownlie and the first name is Betty. This book was published on 1995 and the publisher is a company called National library of New Zealand.

Friday, 5 June 2015

ANZAC Biscuits recount By Javeylor

   ANZAC biscuits Recount

Today room day made ANZAC  biscuits.And wash our hand before we make the Anzac biscuits.In each table we have to go up to Mr Wong for our ingredients, 4 group I was in group 1 then MR Wong have to call some people up to go and  get the things for the ANZAC biscuit. We were all given a number for what we have to do. I was number 2 what i have to do was get all the ANZAC biscuit and put it in the bowl then when it was done our teacher MR Wong took it to the hall kitchen and cook, everything was done. i couldn't wait to eat the Anzac biscuits. Mr Wong tooked the ANZAC biscuit and cook it in the oven.After lunch time room9 couldn't wait to eat the Anzac biscuits.In each table inotia, jasmine, maata ,eta, iyrs ,nazllen and i got 2 each  Anzac biscuits.The ANZAC biscuits  was sweet and crunched and bumpy And soft to bite.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

I have  learn how to publish a website with informations. It was made form  JASON AMUNWA   

Friday, 29 May 2015

Emotive terms the hun and the home

How to reference a webpage

                                                          This is how i  reference a website

 I use reference's to show where i got the information from so i wont be copyrighting another persons work.
This was  published on may 27th, 2015. This the
Author made from Mark  

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My reading book

i have been reading at school a lots, for S.S.R this book is very interesting

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Javeylor Anzacs and Us Cloze

ANZACs and Us

LI: Understand background information about ANZAC.

Most Anzac day services___began__ with a march of returned service personnel wearing __shiny_ medals, and marching behind banners and standards. The veterans __march_____ joined by other community groups, including members ___of_ the armed forces, the Red Cross, cadets etc.

The march continues _to__ the local war memorial, where a service takes place. This includes the laying of wreaths __from__various organisations and members of the public. Flowers have traditionally ___been____ laid on graves and memorials in memory of the __ _____passed______. Laurel and rosemary are often ___used______ in wreaths. Laurel __was____ used by the ancient Romans as a symbol of honour and was woven _into_____ a wreath to crown victors or the brave. Rosemary is used _for ____ remembrance. The wreaths are laid to honour the people __who__ have died fighting for New Zealand.

The poppy has become the symbol _of___ Anzac Day. The Flanders poppy as it is ___sometimes__ called grew in the trenches and craters of _the___ war zone in Belgium and at Gallipoli. These poppies __grew___ wild in the spring. The soldiers thought of the poppies as soldiers who had ___died____. The poppy was ___made___ famous by Colonel J.M. McCrae's poem _called______ in Flanders' Fields. Poppies are sold on the _days_____ before Anzac Day to raise money for the R.S.A. [Returned Services Association]

In most ceremonies of remembrance ___there___is a reading of a poem. This is often "The Ode to the Fallen" _by___ Laurence Binyon. It __was___ first published in the Times newspaper in 1914.

They shall not grow __old__ as we that are __left____ grow old.
Age shall not weary ____to_____, nor the years condemn.
At the going __off_____ of the sun and in the morning.
We ___will_____ remember them.

The last post ___of___ the trumpet call sounded in army barracks at 10pm ____at__ night to mark the end of the ____days____ activities. It is also ____played____ at military funerals and commemorative services to show _____that______ the soldier's day has drawn __to__ a final close.

This is usually followed by a period of silence for one _or___ two minutes as a sign of respect for those ___who__ have died. After observing the silence the ____flags__ are raised from half-mast to the masthead. The Rouse is _ther____ played. The Rouse called the soldier's spirits to arise and _awaken____ for another day.

The Reveille is played at _the___ dawn services instead of the Rouse. The Reveille is played only __at__ the first call in the __morning_________. It woke the soldiers _up_ at dawn.

Often hymns __are__ sung and speeches made. The important part of the ceremony is to _____remember_______ those who died.

Image result for poppy flower anzac

Thursday, 23 April 2015


I learnt today about plagiarism and how it is bad and what it leads you to.

Friday, 6 March 2015

javeylor room 9 graph

What does this graph show?  This Graph shows Room 9’s favorite foods.
What is one interesting piece of information you can read from this graph?  Most people likes Pizza more than the others.  Rice, Fish, Watermelon, Meat and Takeaway is the lowest choice of favorite food.