Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Narrative Writing - By Javeylor

LI: To Revise narrative language feature and structures

LS2 has been doing something called create a six sentence story using given criteria. Juanita - Evelyn  and I as mean working together as collaboratively.we have done one slide each.LS2 as been working on our narrative , Mrs anderson give us a slide of photo that we can write about the photo Here his the ink to the picture that Mrs anderson has sent us to use for our narrative - Harris Burdick pictures .

Maths game of quizzes By Javeylor

LS2 has been playing a maths game. The Students that was in LS2 was playing a maths game called he qizzies maths game/Here is a link to the game that LS2 was playing you should tell your teacher if you and your whole class room.Because learning space 2 mostly play this amazing maths game.Mrs niacker groups plays qizzies.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stig (panmure Library)-By Javeylor

On friday last week LS2 and LS1 went to the panmure library . As soon LS1 & LS2 went and sat on the groud and on the chair we sat their and waited for stig to come.As soon we sat down stig walk towards in front of us.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cross Country - Javeylor

On Wednesday Panmure Bridge School students walked across the road to Dunkirk for cross country. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Math solving ???

Decimals - Maths

Today for maths we were learning how to recognize decimals and how to order decimals. We were recognizing decimals by using fractions to help us. ( e.g : 0.5 would be 5/10 in a fraction ) We practiced ordering decimals on a online worksheet which we had to read the question and solve it out in our maths book. I was also learning the places for the decimals. I really liked learning about decimals because I was learning something new and it links to fractions which could also help me with fractions.   

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read 20

The students in LS2 are reading this site for 20 minutes. We have done this this reading theory every day Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.Read theory is understanding the texts and think about what the question is asking you to do and practice looking back at a text to find information. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

sketch note

We were learning about sketching by using them in your own or picture it help you make connections and help you tell a learning story  in your own words and it really help you listen and stay focused 

Cross Country

Rugby Cluster Day

Yesterday the year 5 & 6's, the year 7 & 8's went to the Rugby Cluster Day. We were in the middle of warming up and saw Otahuhu College students to come and coach and support us through out the day. The coaches names were Manu, Rulon, Pya & Lesley(Coach for Otahuhu College). Our first game was up against Bailey Road School. At the end the we came to a draw, but won it. The next game was against Pt England. Unfortunately we lost 7-2. Tamaki Primary was our next match. Lucky we one by one point 3-2. Sylvia Park was hard to beat and we lost 3-5. Our next game was against Glen Brae and lost 3-1. We took a break and waited to see if we had anymore matches coming up, we were lucky enough to get one more game which was against Sylvia Park.We tried our best and won our last game 5-3. We would to say a big thank you to Mr O and the Otahuhu students for coming down and coaching us for our games.