Thursday, 1 December 2016


Hundertwasser Art


Today for kiwi sport we had our  hockey this year. For a warm up we had a game of octopus. We first picked the proper sized hockey sticks and had a practise dribbling. Then we played a game called  traffic light. Green means dribble the ball forward, orange means stay in one spot and dribble the ball and red means that we have to stop the ball and stay still. We added in new colours into the game like silver, purple, and blue. Silver is super speed so we had run around fast, dribbling the ball. Purple is dribbling the ball backwards. And blue is around the spot which means we had to dribble the ball in a circle. We all had fun. After that we had another game and all we had to do is juggle the ball as m any times as we can. The year 7's all had a great time at hockey.