Friday, 25 November 2016


Today the school have been doing Athletic the whole day.The year 7s have been working as a team work and have been respecting the tamaki college.I  think the day was good until it stated raining.As the year 7s were in groups and went to lots of games when it stated to rain i little bit.As we were playing the games it really start to rain hard out so we went back to class.I think the year 8s and 7s have has an a positive attitude and have been using the school care values.


  1. Hi Javeylor,
    I can see how much fun you have had during athletic day. I really like how you had a positive attitude towards the Tamaki college students. Why did the Panmure Bridge students have a lot of fun playing athletics?

  2. Hi I am Samuel. I love your blog. It is amazing how positive you were at athletics day.